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Best Estates in Eldoret | Best Neighborhoods to Live in Eldoret

 Best Estates in Eldoret | Best Neighborhoods to Live in Eldoret


  • Eldoret is the 4th largest city in Kenya, with 475,000 residents. Its sprawling neighborhoods have something for everyone. In this article, you will find the best Estates in Eldoret.
  • These are the best neighborhoods to live in, Eldoret, according to someone who has lived there for more than 15 years.  

Two things are certain about real estate in Eldoret, the quality of life is top-shelf, and you can always rely on affordable farm-fresh greens and milk. Eldoret town is perhaps the only town in Eldoret where you can walk from your house to the CBD, looking and feeling as fresh as you left. It’s one of the many cities in Kenya with all-around paved walkways and biking lanes.

Its housing is a huge bargain considering it is possible to get a three-bedroom house in your own compound, with an SQ at less than Ksh. 25,000 (credible intel from a veteran realtor in the city.) 

If you are looking to raise a family, hurry up and book a space in Eldoret. The City of Champions is Kenya’s nesting zone that offers the best environment for raising children due to its expansive green spaces, chill weather, high-performing school, and community-living nature. 

Eldoret, the City of Champions, is also within close proximity to Nakuru, Kisumu, Bungoma, Kitale, Kericho, Iten, Narok, and Lodwar, making it a diverse and culturally rich city.  

The following are the best Estates to live in Eldoret in no particular order.

Elgon View Estate

Best Estates in Eldoret - Elgon View Estate
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Elgon View Estate Eldoret is a prestigious estate in Eldoret. It is one of the best estates in Eldoret. This is mainly dominated by affluent people in Eldoret, including; athletes, successful entrepreneurs, top executives, and politicians. Nestled in the heart of Eldoret, Elgon View Estate is surrounded by the best of the best in healthcare, entertainment, dining, malls, cafes, and hotels. Property in Elgon View Estate is mostly segmented into ½ and 1 -acre pieces. The houses in Elgon View are priced from Ksh. 50,000 to Ksh. 200,000. It is located about 10 minutes from Zion Mall.

Kapsoya Estate

Kapsoya Estate is a middle-class estate in Eldoret and one of the best estates in Eldoret. It’s sometimes called by locals “Kapsoya Rupa Estate” due to its close proximity to Rupa Mall Eldoret. It’s a controlled development with one, two, and three-bedroom apartments respectively, with detached servant quarters. The estate is well mapped and segmented into neat streets, with all houses allocated a 1/8th piece of land.

Kapsoya Estate Eldoret has hospitals, churches, hotels, restaurants, and a mall in proximity. Rent varies from Ksh.8000 to Ksh.25000 for two bedrooms, and Ksh.8000 to Ksh.12000 for one bedroom and Ksh. 25,000 to Ksh.30,000. Kapsoya estate is situated within a 10-minute drive from Eldoret CBD.

Kapsoya has the best houses in Eldoret.

West Indies Estate

West Indies Estate is one of the oldest and best estates in Eldoret, dominated by middle and upper-middle-class citizens. It’s popular with Kenyan citizens of Asian descent due to its proximity to a Temple and businesses close. Property in West Indies Eldoret is segmented into ¼ and ½ pieces of land. They have a constant supply of water and electricity and are dependent on public transport. They offer low-cost rental houses, county council houses, and ample security. One can acquire a 2-bedroom for Ksh.18000 to Ksh.25000 and a 1-bedroom for Ksh.10000 to Ksh.16000. West Indies Estate is situated about 9 minutes from Zion Mall.

Pioneer Estate

Pioneer Estate is one of the older housing estates in Eldoret. It is also one of the best estates in Eldoret and is situated along Eldoret Airport road and is perhaps one of the few estates that experience the most minor water shortages. Pioneer Estate Eldoret is popular due to its close proximity to the city center. They offer excellent security, rental property, and social amenities, including churches, schools, and hospitals. Rental housing costs are 2 bedrooms Ksh.10000-Ksh.25000, 1 bedroom Ksh.6000-Ksh.12000. It is located within 7 minutes from Zion Mall.

Action Estate

Action Estate is an estate with developing housing zones and is also part of the best estates in Eldoret. Which facilitates a dense number of Tertiary level institutions which has led to its urbanization. The estate is in close proximity to social amenities and is situated along the busy Eldoret-Iten road. Action Estate Eldoret has affordable housing and public transport way late into the night. The rental housing costs are 2 bedrooms for Ksh.12,000 and 1 bedroom for Ksh.6000. Action Estate is approximately a 10-minute drive from Eldoret CBD.

Mwanzo Estate

Mwanzo Estate Eldoret is a pioneer estate in Eldoret. It is among the best estates in Eldoret and is situated along the Eldoret-Malaba road. The estate is popular with students and has a thriving business district. It has relatively cheap rental rates due to its student population. There are numerous retail shops, self-servicing stores, and entertainment joints. The housing rental costs are Ksh.8500-Ksh.10000 for 2 bedrooms and Ksh.6500-Ksh.7500 for 1 bedroom. Mwanzo Estate is situated within a 13-minute drive from Eldoret CBD.

Langas Estate

Langas Estate is one of the premier and best estates in Eldoret. The estate is within close proximity to colleges and universities along Eldoret-Kapsabet road. Langas Estate Eldoret is popular with college students due to its cheap housing and proximity to learning institutions. However, it has a looming sanitation and security issue. The rental rates vary between Ksh.3500-Ksh.8000. Langas Estate is situated about 11 minutes’ drive from Zion Mall.

Huruma Estate Eldoret

Huruma Estate is an older estate in Eldoret. It is considered one of the best estates in Eldoret. Due to its segmentation and mapping, it is popular with factory workers and small to medium business owners. It’s situated along Eldoret – Malaba road and is within close proximity to the city center. Huruma Estate has affordable public transport and social facilities like schools, markets, and churches. The rental cost here is Ksh. 3500-Ksh.8000. The estate is situated within 10 minutes from Eldoret CBD.

Kimumu Estate

Kimumu Estate is a developing estate in Eldoret and among the best estates in Eldoret. Kimumu is located along Eldoret-Iten road. Most inhabitants in Kimumu own their property, and it’s mostly divided into ¼ acre pieces. Due to its upcoming status, Kimumu has poor road infrastructure as of 2020.  Kimumu has affordable housing and lots of businesses, and it is within a short distance from Eldoret Central Business District, which contributes a lot to its growth. The rental costs here are Ksh. 6000-Ksh. 10,000, for 1 bedroom, Ksh. 10,000-Ksh. 20,000, for 2 bedrooms. It is situated within 7 minutes of Zion Mall.

Annex Estate

Annex Estate is a developing estate in Eldoret comprised of newer housing. Annex estate is popular with entry to middle-level corporates, teaching staff, and students from Moi University School of Law. It is also considered by many as one of the best estates in Eldoret. There’s plenty of housing in the estate, from bedsitters to three-bedroom apartments. Annex has affordable housing, plenty of schools, and a lot of businesses that have helped the estate grow. The rental costs range from Ksh. 3000-Ksh. 20000. Annex Estate is located within 11 minutes from Eldoret CBD.

PS: We hope we were able to give you a detailed breakdown of the best estates in Eldoret.

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