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7 Amazing Things To Do in Eldoret (You Won’t Find a Combination of These Anywhere in Kenya)

 7 Amazing Things To Do in Eldoret (You Won’t Find a Combination of These Anywhere in Kenya)

If you just set foot in Eldoret City, you might not know it yet, but there are a host of activities you could indulge in. The cramped Eldoret Central business district might seem tedious, but the beauty of this Rift Valley city exists on its periphery.

It might be famous for being the home of the world’s long-distance athletics champions, but there are several other fun things to do in Eldoret.

Train with Athletic Elites in Eldoret

You didn’t expect to visit Eldoret town and fail to meet the world’s athletic champions, didn’t you? Well, we won’t promise to meet Eliud Kipchoge, but if you are in Eldoret, training with the world’s crème del a crème is as easy as getting up in the morning and hitting the road. It’s also one of the fun things to do in Eldoret.

You’ll find them training daily from 5:30 am to 7:30 at Illula road, Iten Road, and Kaptagat Road.

Go Thrifting at Eldoret West Market

You probably don’t know this, but Eldoret City has an international Airport. It’s also Kenya’s Cargo depot, meaning a chunk of airline cargo first land in Eldoret before proceeding to other locations in the Country. As a result, the city has become a hub for thrift stores.

There are hundreds of boutiques in Eldoret, but if you want to get value for your market, you’ll need to add a visit to Eldoret West market on Friday as one of the fun things to do in Eldoret. It’s the main market day, and traders from all over the western circuit converge at the open-air market to sell their wares.

PS: Most of the wares are second-hand (used).

Wine and Dine in Eldoret

You might not know it yet, but Eldoret has a vibrant arts and culture scene. Behind its retro buildings and sleepy town facia, Eldoret City is slowly catching up to Kenya’s thriving arts and culture scene.

If you are looking for a place that captures Eldoret’s vastness, we recommend visiting Wings 23 Restaurant in Daima Towers Eldoret. The Roof Top restaurant captures the beauty of Eldoret more than 30 floors above. A glass of wine or a cup of coffee in the evening watching the sunset will do wonders for your day.

You could also visit Eka Hotel Eldoret for an equally fascinating view, Boma Inn Eldoret and Origin Eldoret for the Ambience, and the Noble Hotel for a relaxing moment in nature.

Chasing Waterfalls in Eldoret

Since Eldoret city is minutes away from the Great Rift Valley, it has a bounty of waterfalls to chase. There are more than ten, but we’ll let you in on the best for those seeking a worthwhile adventure.

In case you are visiting Eldoret City with a tour guide or a  local, ask them to direct you to Ngara Falls, Kipkaren River falls (Kipkaren River Resort), Torok Falls (Iten), Kessup Falls (Iten), Kesses Falls, Koromosho Falls, Mlango Waterfalls (Cheokiit Waterfalls), and more.

Ride a Bike

Sounds odd as one of the fun things to do in Eldoret, right? Well, here’s a little information about Eldoret. It tops the list of cities in Kenya with the best bike and pedestrian zones. Simply put, the city council has made it easy to ride bikes and walk or jog on pedestrian walkways without the risk of brushing shoulders with motorists.

If you are looking for an off-road experience, nothing beats cycling in Eldoret. You can pick between Annex and Plateau regions for an authentic off-road adventure or cycle off Kapsabet road (Dittman Quarry branch-off) to Kapseret Forest and, finally, a pitstop at Tiret Resort (54 Km of pure pleasure). Just watch out for crossing wildlife.  

Don’t plan on carrying a bike to Eldoret? Don’t worry. There are several locations in the city you could hire a bike with some form of identification and about $10 for a full day of cycling.

Ask around Rupa Mall Eldoret or Catholic University Eldoret for credible bicycle vendors for hire.

Eldoret NightLife is On Another Level

If it’s your first time visiting Kenya, most people will tell you Nairobi and the Coast have the most active nightlife – and they are right. Both places have a surplus of city folks, and as you’d expect, the nightlife there would be like anything you’d get in most African cities.

But in Eldoret, you get something more. Unlike Nairobi or Mombasa (Kenya’s Coast), this town has a mix of people from different parts of Kenya. Nakuru, Kisumu, Kitale, Kakamega, Lodwar, Bungoma, and Busia. It’s also the commercial hub of the western region of Kenya and, as a result, packs a thriving nightlife.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week you arrive in Eldoret City. It’s always going down in most nightclubs around Kapsabet road. Please add kickass clubbing as one of the fun things to do in Eldoret. It’s a guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Be one with Nature

It’s funny how the world is changing. Less than 100 years ago, our towns and villages were surrounded by nature. Today, we put fences around tiny sections of nature to experience what it might have felt to be human centuries ago.

Nature might not be your priority when it comes to fun things to do in Eldoret, but we promise you’ll enjoy your time in nature in Eldoret.

If you are in Eldoret, you can enjoy a bounty of natural spaces. You can enjoy a canoe ride at Kesses Dam or Caesars Waterfront, a hike on Kapsoya Hills, Camping at Rimoi National Reserve (Iten), Paragliding at Rift Valley Resort (Iten), a meal by the valley at Samich Resort, a breathtaking waterfall at Kolol Resort, nature walk at Naiberi Resort, picnic at Kapsimotwo Gardens and Kaptagat Farm Resort, lunch by the river at Tiret Resort, an afternoon dip at River Sosiani (several locations).

For an authentic nature experience, we recommend visiting Kapsimotwo Gardens in Nandi Hills, about 40 km from Eldoret town. Carry a picnic basket and mat. Prepare for a long off-road ride.

There you have it. The above are seven fun things to do in Eldoret. In case you have more, don’t hesitate to share. Let’s market Eldoret to the world together!

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